September 1, 2019
Magnus Gjoen - Amores Laetitia
Magnus Gjoen - Amores Laetitia

This may seem like a tricky question, would the work we show at Chappell Contemporary fit into a 'normal' family home? A two up two down,

A Semi Detached in a cul- de-sac. Or is modern art only for slick, glass fronted, LED lit up modern houses?

As you can imagine my own house is jam packed with the contemporary artists
we show at Chappell Contemporary, and trust me, my house is not an architectural
achievement by any means.

I often have people trying to match artwork to their sofa, or curtains, this would be something I would steer away from. Artwork generally lasts a life time and beyond, a sofa does not.

It can be hard to match a collection, to see what fits with what, but this happens over time,
It's definitely a process. When I hang a show in the gallery I often sit and stare blankly at the walls for quite a while, hanging and re hanging.
It's definitely a case of trial and error. And don't forget once the work is up indoors it's not stuck there forever, I often re hang my artwork. If the pictures stay in the same place they can often get lost, and you stop appreciating them, you walk past day after day and forget they are even there, moving them around and having a mix about brings them all back to life.
There is always a place that you may sit and spend more time, it's often this area that I like to rehang, so that my view is constantly changing.
My partner often walks in and comments 'Had another rehang have we??' Its a running joke in our house.

In total Chappell Contemporary have nearly 40 modern artists.
All crammed into my little gallery in Whitstable.

Should they all work together? Probably not, but do they? Most definitely. I believe that is because although all my artists are so different, they all have one thing in common.
That one thing, is me.

Remember when you want to put art in your home, you love it, you have chosen it, so why wouldn't they all work together, it's all your taste, its all your style.
Take a leap of faith, believe in yourself.
Be able to take a chance and step out of your comfort zone.

Believe in yourself, and have your own little gallery indoors.

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