Original Gee

Gee or Original Gee as he is also known, started painting graffiti when hip hop exploded in the UK in 1984 aged just 12, with early influences from the book subway art by Henry Chalfant and Martha Cooper and graffiti writers such as Seen, Dondi and Lee Quiñones. His passion for graffiti and getting his name up turned in to an addiction and by 1989 he got in trouble with the authorities one too many times. Facing the serious possibility of going to jail he decided enough was enough and had to stop what he was doing and focus on his future. Fast forward to 2010 and that passion was reignited with the rise of social media. He realised he could get his work seen and he started to paint again but this time on canvas or allcity style model trains. Recognised worldwide, his authentic-looking trains are in high demand and have even been displayed in Grand Central station New York. He is not an artist who conforms to any rules or regulations and doesn’t restrict himself by any street artist or graffiti artist title, he just loves to be creative and enjoys exploring different mediums through his urban influenced art.