Heath Kane

Kane grew uo in Sydney, he decided to make graphic design his career specialising in animation, this decision  but after a failed attempt to become an animator. It was a decision that took me to Denmark, the USA, and finally the UK settling in London in the late 90's. he loved teh diverse cosmopolitan lure of London, but in 2014 Kane left the hustle of London and moved to a small country town. It was here he set up his studio and he began producing art. 

Rich Enough To Be Batman was Kane's first piece and all subsiquent pieces of art stem from this original idea. 


 "My approach to art is responsive. I respond to what I see and feel. Rich Enough To Be Batman was a response to the disparities of wealth I was seeing. It also was based on a core belief of mine – that good art should also create a smile in people’s minds. It seemed to strike a chord and was and continues to be very successful. 

The success of Rich Enough To Be Batman led me to my Masks of Fears collection – a more serious collection looking at the rise of popularist global leaders. This collection got me onto the cover of Wired magazine.

Since then I have continued to make art in response to what I see happening in the world – often things that scare and trouble me – as well as what inspires me."